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Six Romances of Faith, Change, and Improbable Achievements

Unlikely Pursuits

Multiple Authors

Embark on six exciting journeys following the adventures of unique heroes and heroines—from the 19th century to the present day—who dare to pursue unusual occupations in order to do what they love.

I Am the Clay by Constance Shilling Stevens — A woman newspaper editor is ridiculed by the entire town, but she finds an unlikely ally in a former riverboat captain.

Rodeo Girl by Eileen Key — Money-hungry developers threaten the arena owned by Erin’s family, but Dusty the Rodeo Clown comes to the rescue…or does he?

Liberty and Lace by Jalana Franklin — Dressmaker York strives to free Abigail, a lovely lace-maker, from her term as an indentured servant, but will she believe he wants her for more than her ability to create lace?

The Hangman by Ralph Vogel — Widower Luke needs a job to provide for his children, and the state needs a hangman. If he assumes the responsibility, will his future wife and children respect him?

The Karussell Painter by Kim Vogel Sawyer — Jessa and her father are at odds about the family-owned amusement park. Can a century-old carousel and a carousel painter from Germany restore their peace?

Doctor Kat by Julane Hiebert — Kathleen is eager to work as a veterinarian in a small Kansas town, but the local physician doesn’t want the competition—especially from a woman. Is there room in Lyndale for two doctors?

Genre: Novella collection, Romance

Published: April 2016

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