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The Jimmy of Cottonwood Valley Series by Ralph Vogel

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The Jimmy of Cottonwood Valley Series

Ralph Vogel

All four titles in one compilation! PLUS short “tall tale” extras to make you snicker and maybe even think a bit. These stories of Kansas farm life, although written for children, will appeal to readers of all ages and inspire conversation about moral values, family, friendship, and faith.

Jimmy and the Whale — Life in the 1940s was hard enough with the war in Europe, the Depression, and nature playing tricks on farmers. How can one ten-year-old Kansas farmboy cope with all that plus a pesky little sister and a neighboring bully? Jimmy finds help in an unlikely form–a whale. That is, an unusual friend by the name of Jonas T. Whale.

Jimmy and the Whale Hunt — Jimmy misses his good friend, Jonas T. Whale, so he decides to find Mr. Whale and bring him back to Kansas. Along with his neighbor, Edmund, Jimmy sets off an adventure unlike anything he could have imagined. Will the boys find Mr. Whale before they starve to death or get captured by the law? Join Jimmy and Edmund as they travel across the United States like a pair of hobos and learn the true meaning of “home” and “friendship” along the way.

Jimmy and the Jinx — Jimmy and Edmund, back from their summer adventures, are ready for a quiet school year. But everything changes with the arrival of a new student named Jeremiah Jenkins. Accidents and bad luck follow Jeremiah wherever he goes. No one wants to be around him—especially not Edmund. When Jimmy’s teacher asks him to be Jeremiah’s mentor, Jimmy wonders how he can stay friends with Edmund and be friends with Jeremiah. Is Jeremiah really a jinx? Will he ruin Jimmy and Edmund’s friendship?

Jimmy and the Haunted Barn — Mysterious lights and strange noises capture Jimmy’s imagination. Is there something sinister in the abandoned barn near his family’s farm? If only Jonas T. Whale would come back to Kansas. He’d be able to help Jimmy find out what’s happening. Jimmy must overcome fear with faith and logic in this final books of the Jimmy of Cottonwood Valley Series.

Genre: Children’s Historical Fiction

Reading Age: 7-12 Years

Published: June 2021

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