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A Brides of a Feather Novella Collection

I Plight Thee My Troth

Julane Hiebert

To Have and Be Told

When more than one person from Obed Mason’s congregation reads his suggested daily scripture and believes God is delivering a message specifically for them, confusion and hilarity ensues. The lives of two men and two women, all with matrimony on their minds, become entangled in ways only the Lord Himself can unwind.
Will Obed find the courage to tell Henrietta how he feels?
Will Henrietta get the chance to say “I told you so”?
Will love win in the end?

In Sickness and in Stealth

Though he’s never declared his love—or his intentions, Doctor Abe Mercer is ready to settle down and plans to propose to Tillie Rogers. However, upon his return from purchasing her engagement ring, he’s met with a different Tillie than he’s ever known. Normally giggly and eager to greet him, she’s secretive and seems to want to avoid him. When pain medications disappear from his office, he suspects that the woman he loves is involved, and he begins to doubt his affection for her.

Tillie Rogers is a relative newcomer to Cedar Bluff, Kansas. The townspeople know her as the sweet, light-hearted cook at the town’s only boardinghouse. However, when a man she thought was dead shows up and threatens to reveal her past, Tillie finds herself a partner in crime.

When her true identity is discovered, will she be able to make Abe understand?

Will Abe be able to forgive her, and at last declare his love?

‘Til the Ranch Do Us Part
Emma Ledbetter and John Wenghold have bantered like an old married couple for years, but when the chance for matrimony arises, where will they hang their hats

Genre: Historical, Romance

Published: March 2018

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