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Book One in the Another Spring Series

Hope’s Chance

Julane Hiebert

When Hope Sanford’s papa arranges for her to care for an old maid schoolmarm while he seeks work so he can pay the mortgage on their farm, Hope and her best friend devise a plan to bring him home by Christmas.

Chance Manning, a new cowhand on a neighboring ranch, is assigned to spend the winter caring for the Sanford farm. When he learns he’s a part of the plan the girls have devised, he counters with his own plot.

But when both plans are thwarted and a new option is presented which would allow Hope to stay on the family farm, will Chance lose hope? Will Hope get another chance?

Written in Julane Hiebert’s trademark humor and heart, HOPE’S CHANCE is the delightful start of a new series set on the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas.

Genre: Historical, Romance

Published: July 2018

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