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Quality reading material from a Christian worldview

Wings of Hope Publishing was born during an author retreat in 2013 when a group of critique partners began discussing how the popularity of e-books was changing the publishing landscape. The discussion turned into a plan to start a small company and publish a novella set each year featuring the authors in the critique group. The first of those sets, Threads of Time, released in February of 2014 (and debuted in the Top 100 of several categories at Amazon). A Place of Refuge, Unlikely Pursuits, and Destination: Romance followed in each subsequent year.

In 2016, Wings of Hope’s doors were opened to authors outside of the critique group, and WoH has had the privilege of launching three first-time authors: Dr. Ralph Vogel, who writes the Jimmy of Cottonwood Valley children’s series; Julane Hiebert, who writes popular humorous historical stories set in the Flinthills of Kansas; and Sara Meisinger, the author of the women’s fiction title Autumn’s Grace.

Wings of Hope is a non-profit publishing company dedicated to giving worthy new writers their start and offering wholesome reading from a Christian worldview. Authors are not asked to contribute financially to the costs of publishing. All expenses are covered by the company and recouped through book sales. After expenses have been met, 95% of revenue (5% retained for administrative costs) is funneled to the author.

Because Wings of Hope is a small, self-funded company, it does not have a dedicated marketing team in place. Therefore, its authors are expected to maintain a website (advice is available for establishing one, if needed) and otherwise participate in the marketing of their books.

If you’re looking for a publishing home that feels like family, please consider reviewing the guidelines on the Submissions page.

God bless your writing journey!