Threads of Time

A collection of seven novellas from Wings of Hope

A collection of seven Christian romantic novellas about a very special quilt—one intended to grace the marriage bed of a young couple but never fulfilling its original purpose—which travels through many hands and decades, lending comfort to its temporary owners before being passed on.

A Thimbleful of Peace by Constance Shilling Stevens A woman with nothing left except the quilt intended to grace her marriage bed cares for the children of a riverboat captain whose gruff façade conceals a tender heart.

Tattered Hopes by Ralph Vogel Robert and Molly Tillman’s dreams for a new life in Nebraska are shattered by tragedy. Will they find the courage to repair the rending of the love they thought would last forever?

A Night With No Stars by Jalana Franklin A widower and a local postmistress in the small town of Valentine, Nebraska, struggle with the notion that love can’t mend a broken heart … or can it?

Mending the Widow’s Heart by Marjorie Vawter A widowed mother struggles with believing love is for her. A circuit-riding preacher longs to settle down in one place with a family and church of his own.

A Thread of Hope by Darlene A. Dodds A writing assignment—interviewing a Titanic survivor—becomes pleasant when Paul meets Shona. But after he loses her trust, will he be able to regain it?

Frayed by Eileen Key Will a jaded Vietnam veteran’s despair overshadow a young woman’s hope?

A Patchwork Promise by K. Marie Libel Antiques dealer James obtains a tattered quilt from one of Sarah’s estate auctions. Will the restoration of the quilt ultimately lead to the restoration of Sarah’s heart…and perhaps, even, inspire new love?”

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